International Lindy Hop
& Jazz Roots Festival

December 2019

5,6,7 & 8










From Thursday to Sunday our
famous Neverending Parties!

9 Hours of
Classes + Tasters

The best teachers, all the way from Sweden. Meet The Harlem Hot Shots & Asa & Daniel from The Rhythm Hot Shots.
They will touch your heart.

with the best bands

They will keep us dancing all night long!

Relive the best moments of the previous editions!

Swinging Undermoon



You regularly attend social dances. Your basics are rock solid and your package of moves is expanding. You know both 6 and 8 count moves and use them interchangeably while social dancing. You feel comfortable doing a swingout at 150 bpm. You have started to learn and explore more complex elements of swing dancing, such as connection, musicality and variations. Dancing on a medium tempo song goes really well and relaxed.


You’re an active social dancer. You have attended quite a few international workshops. You are confident in leading/following which makes it possible to add styling and variations. Dancing on faster music is still challenging for you. Next to focusing on rhythm and technique you’ll also find yourself dancing to a wider range of tempos in these classes. You always want to challenge yourself.


You love social dancing. You have attended numerous international workshops. You know a big variety of figures and the technique behind them. Styling your moves has become your second nature and you are rhythmical and musical. You can easily dance to fast music (200 bpm). You may even be part of a performance group and you’re probably competing in Jack ‘n Jill and/or Strictly competitions.


You have read all of the above levels and still think you can go higher? You and have participated in numerous international festivals in the highest level. Dancing to very slow and very fast music (220+ bpm) doesn’t make you give up your rhythmical variations and musicality. You’re working on tiny details to improve your dancing. You’re probably teaching Lindy Hop and have entered several international competitions.
*Please note that this level requires a video audition.

For this program you have to sign up together with a partner and no partner rotation will be performed during the classes.



Dancers on this level should be able to somehow understand and speak the physical language of swing, and be familiar with lots of traditional solo jazz steps and routines. You are confident doing variations on the basic steps.

If you are taking weekly solo jazz classes on an intermediate level and regularly practise on your own, this should be your level.


Dancers on this level should be already an advanced solo jazz dancers.

The classes will be around of rhytmical interpretation, improvisation and general sensitivity to music.

If you are looking to push yourself to a higher level, this is your track.

Swinging Undermoon is an International Workshop of Lindy Hop & Jazz Roots in Valencia organized by Javi Molina.
We will enjoy 4 days of classes & parties. Good weather, good food & our neverending parties!
Come and dance with us from 5th to 8th December!

Swing, baby, swing!